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A few Things I’ve Learnt about Electric Bikes So Far

They're Fantastic For Social Activities

Since investing in an electric bike I’ve found I spend much more time with my friends and family. Bikes rides are a fun activity that brings friends and family together. I’ve been able to cycle with my 6 year old son and my partner without lagging behind, as well as keep up with some of my (much fitter) friends. Bike rides are also virtually free, so even if you or your friends and family are trying to watch the pennies, you can still get together and do something fun.

They Have a Positive Impact on Family Life and Friends

As I mentioned above, bike rides are a great way of getting friends and family together, but they also may reminds us of just how much time we do typically spend indoors. The day I went for a bike ride with my kids, I noticed some changes in their behaviour that night; they seemed much calmer and they even went to bed without trying to put up a fight! Since then I’ve made much more effort to get the kids playing outdoors more, and bedtimes have significantly improved! I myself find I sleep better, and have also found an improvement in my energy levels during the day, which makes me a happier and more energetic partner and mum. Some of my friends have also decided to invest in electric bikes, after seeing for themselves how much easier they make it to keep up with those much fitter and younger friends and family members.

They have a positive impact on you

This may be a more obvious point, but I would like to point out that I have had bikes before, which after a few weeks, just ended up shoved in the back of the garage. The only glimpse of daylight they got was when the garage door was opened to let the car in and out. My electric bike on the other hand gets me excited to exercise, because know I can go at my own pace, no matter what terrain I’ll encounter. Exercise is no longer a chore, no longer something I have to do, but something I want to do, and look forward to. I also find myself making healthier choices in my diet. Before I begun cycling I would often make excuses for my poor and unhealthy choices, excuses like, ‘what difference does it really make?’ I’d skip lunch so I could consume more unhealthy junk food at dinnertime, and when I felt sluggish and tired I’d put it down to age or lack of sleep. But since I’ve begun cycling and seen for myself the positive results healthy choices can make, I’ve changed my excuse making mentality, telling myself the choices I make in my diet do make a difference. Since then I’ve found my energy levels have really improved. I’m convinced these positive dietary changes are also responsible for the disappearance of my once frequent headaches.

They encourage You to Get out more

I use my electric bike for getting into town, travelling to work and nipping to the shop, but I also love to go on bike rides purely for enjoyment. With my e-bike I feel more confident that I can travel reasonably far, I know I can head out without worrying about saving energy to make the journey home. I also love that I can now travel with a partner, which also gets me excited to get out there. My partner is admittedly much more fit than I, however with our electric bikes we can cycle together comfortably, I adjust my level of assistance and he adjusts his, until we get a comfortable speed on each bike that means we can both cycle together while still in our individual comfort zones, it’s amazing!

This Month I'm Loving

The Kuo+

The Sawako sparkle helmet

The Kuo+ folding electric bike
The sawako helmet for electric bikes
I’ve had the pleasure of test riding the Kuo+ this month and I absolutely love it. It really is a great folding electric bike for so many reasons. First of all, it’s compact and not too heavy. Yes folding electric bikes are great, but on the off chance you may have to carry it up some stairs or on and off public transport, you don’t want to feel as though you can’t lift it at all. This isn’t a problem with the Kuo+. Not only is it light enough to carry for short periods of time, but if you really are a weakling like me, then I like to use the wheels to transport it while it’s folded.
If you’re anything like me, you still want to remain stylish, even when you’re decked from head to toe in cycling gear, but let’s face it, active wear and sports equipment isn’t the most glamorous, which is why I am so thrilled that these helmets exist. I love mine so much that I almost don’t want to take it off when I get home.
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